Dec 23, 16
Zombie Invasion - Smash 'em!

There is a new game around called Zombie Invasion - Smash 'em! It takes the zombie theme to the scene again. I’ve installed it on my Android phone, and here is my review.

There is not much to say about the game, but it is about crushing zombies. The zombies come from up your screen. At first, there are only zombies, but as you continue, you will find skeletons wandering around too. Unlike zombies, skeletons can change direction anytime. You must kill them too.

Things get complicated when survivors appear. Up to 3 skeletons or zombies can pass your screen before you lose the game. However, if you kill a survivor, you will lose the game immediately.

To play the game is pretty simple. Just tap the zombies or the skeletons. Touching a survivor will end the game.

There are aids to help your gameplay. You can use bombs to get rid of all skeletons in the nearby area. There is a button to slow down the characters for a few seconds. Finally, the best aid is the mine button. That will create a line of mines to protect you from zombies and skeletons. The best of it is that survivors can pass the mine line without harm.

It is an entertaining game, easy to play. The fact that you just have to tap makes it an easy play at first. There are 60 levels so that you can get fun for a while with it. They are arranged in a path within three different worlds (Candy Crush style).

It starts easily and soon becomes challenging. You can pass the first five levels without any problems, and then you will struggle and wish you could get more bombs and mines.

On the not so good side, I have a conflict with zombies. Most zombie theories say that they are slow and dumb. However on the Zombie Invasion - Smash 'em! Game, they are fast moving creatures. I know that is to add difficulty to the game, but it conflicts with the zombie concept.

Survivors are a problem. Instead of feeling fond of survivors, you tend to hate them because they make you lose the game many times. They have a white shirt which makes you confuse them with skeletons that are also white. A change of color would be an excellent aid to keep them alive.

The Zombie Invasion - Smash 'em! is an entertaining game. It recycles many successful ideas. You can see the influence of Candy Crush in the way the levels are arranged, and the influence of Plants vs. Zombies on the graphics. Cones planted around are the Plants vs. Zombies signature, and it makes this game feel not original.

However, if you pass these details, it can defiantly keep you entertained for a while.

Reviewed by Alicia

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