Jun 22, 16
Your Web Base - Get connected

Your Web Base is an app with an interesting premise, basically you use it in order to invite people to free games. You get referral codes that you can share with friends and based on that you can get cash rewards.

As always, you do need to send a significant amount of invites if you want to get a very good prize but there is an option to make good cash rewards from this which is a major plus.

The games integrated in this package are fun and a blast to play for that reason alone. I like the attention to detail and the way the experience is created, I also enjoy the fun gameplay and the unique focus but the fact that you can get referral codes and share them with friends is very interesting.

The apps integrated here are interesting and funny for sure. One of the downsides for me is the fact that this particular app doesn’t really have a good interface and the entire premise is explained a little vaguely.

But if you go beyond that and put your mind to understand Your Web Base then you will find a very nice app. One that will allow you to get rewarded often, one that will enable you to get some great prizes and which is just a blast to use for sure. While the winnings aren’t that high at first, if you invite many people the results can be very significant.

I think that Your Web Base is an app with a great idea and one that delivers significant, interesting experiences that work amazingly well. Your Web Base is amazingly easy to use, offers a great value and it’s just a ton of fun to use. I definitely recommend it to any person interested in a unique concept with great rewards!