Dec 31, 16
Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a cooking themed word puzzle game where the aim is to join letters together to create words. This puzzle game places emphasis on spelling skills without placing any restrictions on time which is unique for the genre.

There are over 580 levels and the developer is committed to releasing regular updates which should include more levels; each level contains a different number of possible answers for players to find from the jumbled letters. As the game progresses, the puzzles become increasingly more difficult but the ability to shuffle the letters allows them to be viewed in a different way.

The puzzles in the game are deceptively easy and as the game progresses, the difficulty level clearly raises at a nice steady pace. While the puzzles are relatively simple, some of them do use words which may confuse people from different countries as many of the short words are not commonly used. People who are still not confident with English could struggle as a result of this and while the hints are useful, it's possible to quickly burn though the gold needed to purchase them. Gold can be earned by completing levels or purchased from the cash store.

The gameplay in Word Cookies is great and the game feels unique in the word puzzle genre without any glaring issues. Advertising in the game could be considered an issue however, there is always a small banner advertisement at the bottom of the screen in addition to a fullscreen ad every few levels. Some of these advertisements actually require players to press the back button on their phone to exit them. This is certainly quite frustrating but as a free-to-play game, it's understandable.

Word Cookies is a nice addition to the word puzzle genre and the interesting gameplay is enough to keep puzzle fans occupied for hours; the use of certain short words however could confuse and annoy some players however. Overall, this is a great mobile game with a large amount of content for players to think their way through.

Reviewed by Lunawolf