Dec 07, 15
Worch - Word Search Puzzles

Worch is a really nice word game that has a very interesting art style which makes it unique and fun. The great thing about this game is that it’s hand drawn and at the same time it has that pencil based appeal that you could find only in some Doodle based games.

The idea in Worch is to find as many words as possible in a game board filled with letters. It might be a challenge at first, but the great thing about this game is that it does manage to offer you some bonuses such as the ability to ask for more time, shuffle the board and thus get new letters that will make it easier to find more words and so on. You can also ask for a hint, but all of these options use the in-game currency so you should use them only when you are in dire need.

I like the way the game board is created in this title, and the entire appeal of the game comes from its design and one of a kind gameplay mechanics. The game is really cool and it does manage to bring in front some really nice possibilities which is crucial to say the least.

It’s nice to see that the words are found in various categories, and you are free to choose the category before entering into the game. Sure they do have a random way to select these words, but the reality is that the gameplay shines when you focus on categories, as the other way to play can be seemingly difficult most of the time.

The music here is also quite good, which I was impressed from for sure. Of course, there still are plenty of situations and amazing opportunities to be had here, with some games being a lot harder to find when compared to others.

Yet the game does manage to offer a great similarity to Hangman and other similar titles that play this way. There are lots of cool ideas to be had in this title, and all of them are designed with an amazing set of opportunities in mind.

I do like the idea that this game brought in front some cool opportunities and a very nice gameplay, so if you like puzzles you should check this one out. It might not be the best one out there, but it’s a really exciting game and that’s what matters the most.

App Games Score: 8.5/10