Jan 29, 17
Wild Furballs: Throw

“Wild Furballs: Throw” is a precision based puzzler developed by “Wooosh!”. It's an interesting and unique game, with a cute squirrel as our main character. It's pretty fleshed out as well, with a bunch of upgrades to get and levels to complete. It also has a three-star rating system, which is great for those looking to replay levels and beat their high scores. If anything, it's super cute. Let's jump in and take a closer look at “Wild Furballs”!

There's quite a bit going on in “Wild Furballs”, so let's start with the main menu. Before the “play” button even appears, we're treated to a pretty nice animation that reveals our main character eating an apple. There's some great depth of view effects going on, as well as a great visual style. The game has a cheery style; the visuals are reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon. As you start up the game, you'll notice the ability to cloud save your progress. This is a great feature, and it allows you to carry your save across multiple devices.

The game itself is broken up into stages, much like “Angry Birds” or other three-star challenge games. The objective of each stage is to collect the correct amount of specific fruits by slinging your squirrel across the screen. With a single flick, the squirrel bounces off walls like a furry pinball collecting fruits along the way. You aim to collect a certain number of the right fruit, while avoiding the others. It starts off easy enough, but by level five, you'll be dealing with multiple game play mechanics as well. Each fling costs stamina, which if depleted entirely, causes you to fail. It's not a difficult game to control, since most of the skill comes down to the player's ability to lay out a decent strategy and execute it with precision.

The stars you can earn are based upon your performance on each level. Depending on how much stamina you use, how many times you miss a fruit, etc, all get processed into a final score. Finishing levels well also earns you red gems, which you use to purchase the aforementioned upgrades. I really liked how this system is presented as well. Instead of just a bunch of buttons, the main menu is the tree where the squirrel lives. Around the tree are different items and characters you can interact with, all of whom offer upgrades. There's upgrades for just about everything, from stamina to power ups. Power ups range from stamina boosters to bombs that clear obstacles. These often cost quite a bit of gems, but you're able to get some extra ones by connecting your Facebook and watching some ads.

Overall, “Wild Furballs: Throw” is a fun time with quite a bit of content to keep you busy. Even if you disregard all of the gem upgrades and obtainable stars, the base gameplay is rewarding and fun. It's a light hearted experience with plenty of replay-ability, and one that you can easily sink a few hours into without noticing. If you're looking for a pleasant puzzle game that rewards strategy and precision, “Wild Furballs” is probably just what you need. Check it out today, it's free to play!

Reviewed by Matt

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