Jun 04, 16
Up Up n Roll Away

Up Up n' Roll Away is a nice little indie game with a simple premise, and that is to offer you a great way to test your skills from the comfort of your desktop. It’s a very refined, interesting game whose main purpose is to just increase your response time and your reflexes in a simple manner.

The minimalist design you can find here is simply stunning and that’s what makes the game so good for me. All you need is to just power up the ball at the right time and then you will have to time it right to arrive at the next platform. Honestly, the game does a very good job at bringing new challenges all the time.

This is hard to quantify, especially since the overall design is very minimalist and you don’t really expect that much challenge at first. However, I was very impressed with how well the game plays and the responsive controls that it delivers. Plus, the attention to detail that it provides via the interesting game world and the solid controls is definitely worth noting.

I liked the fact that the game gets even more immersive as you play. Plus, the scoring system makes you challenge yourself all the time, something that’s really good to be honest. I always liked the idea of getting better scores than my previous runs and besting myself. This on its own makes it a great game, but the fact that you can modify your gameplay experience and take it to new heights fast is also nothing short of exciting.

I enjoy the stunning attention to fast response, it’s really interesting to see how well Up Up n' Roll Away fares here and the more I get to play the better the experience seem to be.

Graphics are not the forte of this game but I do understand why they went this route. The minimalist approach is amazing for a marble game like this and honestly photorealistic graphics will just be in the way. Up Up n' Roll Away is all about testing and improving your speed, something that it does manage to deliver quite a lot as you play.

It’s certainly a fun game and it does feature plenty of cool stuff, which is why I do recommend it to everyone. It’s an amazing game for those that want to have better reflexes and a faster response time, but it can be nerve wracking at times as well. Don’t let that put you off! Up Up n' Roll Away is a very good game so you should definitely try it when you can!

App Games Score: 9/10