Jun 26, 15

There are few games that manage to bring in a lot of fun and challenge today, and many times the mobile realm is where you can find all of them. uberLines is a funny arcade game that brings just that, a lot of challenge and fun nicely packed into a professionally designed package for you to enjoy. The game is really simple as all you have to do is to control your triangle based ship as you go through a multitude of lines that are colored in a different fashion.

In order to complete the challenge you will need to work hard in order to test your skills. You have to press and then release if you want to change the color of your triangle and pass the lines. Thankfully, the gameplay is very challenging and it will provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment, which is an amazing thing to say the least.

The gameplay in uberLines is accessible, but as you pass through the levels it quickly begins to be very challenging and you will like the results for sure.

All levels are diverse and unique, which means that the challenges are indeed there, and finding them will be a very fun experience. The soundtrack is nice, although I would have personally liked it to be a little action packed rather than anything else.

The game could be improved a little bit by investing slightly more in the visuals, which seem to be a little rough at times.

But don’t let that fool you, uberLines is a great game with a ton of variety and many gameplay opportunities for you to enjoy. It can be challenging at times, true, but it will help you learn via trial and error, so you should definitely check it out for sure, it’s a stunning game with a lot of opportunities.


Review by Alexandru Tanase (AppGames.net)

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