May 28, 15
Twin Runners 2

If you are a fan of endless runners, then you will absolutely love Twin Runners 2. This is a game where you need to tap the screen in order to change the direction of these ninjas in order for you to get the results you seek. The game does a very good job when it comes to providing you with a wide range of challenges that you can master, and the results are definitely well worth your time.

The thing to focus on Twin Runners 2 is definitely the amazing gameplay that’s deceptively simple yet which requires a lot of memory, dexterity, anticipation and other cool stuff that you will enjoy at all costs.

Despite the fact that Twin Runners 2 is an endless runner, this is a game that will allow you to focus on the strategic element, as you try to win. You do get a practice mode for learning the tracks, which is really nice, and at the same time you also receive some achievements and leaderboards as you go along.

The things I like about Twin Runners 2 are the astoundingly fast gameplay which requires a lot of dexterity and which brings in a lot of fun, but also the leaderboards and achievements that always push you forward in order to get the best results. The low poly style used here is very intense and plain fun, so that’s always an incentive to play more and more, which is really nice as well.

The downsides for me when it comes to Twin Runners 2 is the fact that the game can be very hard sometimes and it can lead to frustration, not to mention that there are some moments in which you will have a few problems to deal with as well.

Even so, Twin Runners 2 is a very good game with a lot of value and amazing potential, so it’s a good one to invest your time, just make sure that you won’t get nervous easily, because frustration is something that the game does bring in spades.


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (