Feb 25, 17
Tubb Teen Patti - Indian Poker
by App Games Team!

Tubb Teen Patti is a card game with a casino atmosphere developed by Tubbgames. Known as “Indian Poker” Tubb Teen Patti is an easy-to-learn, addictive game based around strategy and deception. It's truly one of the easiest card games I've ever learned, and the multiplayer aspect leads to some pretty exciting showdowns. Does Tubb Teen Patti make you feel like a card shark, or is the enjoyment shallow and wavering? Let's find out.

Card games can be an interesting genre for me. A card game has to be interesting and allow evolution in play to encourage repeat play. There's a reason gambling is so addictive; it's hard to turn down another round. Luckily, you won't be losing real money due to any faulty bets, as long as you don't buy more chips with real money. Once you start to do that, you better be sure your strategy is sound, because chips come and go fast in game of Teen Patti (an Indian version of poker).

The idea of the actual card game is simplistic and quite easy to pick up. If you've unfamiliar with poker in general, you might want to familiarize yourself a bit before jumping into large betting pools. Thankfully, Tubb Teen Patti is one of the easiest poker variations I've played, and doesn't require a lot of card knowledge to succeed with. When you finally sit down and try your hand at the game, the rules are pretty basic. The dealer will draw you three cards, and depending on that hand's worth, you start your betting. The game has a quick info-graphic that you can bring up if you're unsure of your hand's worth. Otherwise, standard poker rules apply.

Once you've got your hand and you're ready to bet, Teen Patti becomes a game of bluffing and deception more than a game of cards. This was apparent after a few attempts. I found that playing “by the book” (folding when my cards were bad, and betting high when my cards were good) was a side note in strategy. I was able to force other players to fold with a hand of absolute trite; it just took a few thousand chips to appear strong.

This applies for most of the game's modes. When you start the game, you'll have four options. There's “No Limit”, which doesn't put any restrictions on pot sizes. This is where you'll win big. There's also “Play Now”, a good place to start for newcomers who are looking to play competitively against others. “Dealer Dolly” shakes things up by having you play against the dealer's hand, rather than other players. I found this to be my favored mode, as it reminded me of Black Jack, one of my favorite card games. “Super Blind” mode is a bit difficult to explain to poker & teen patti newcomers. Basically, this doesn't limit the amount of betting the “blind” player can do. It leads to some pretty large pots and exciting changes mid-round.

Graphically speaking, the game looks good and feels responsive. There's not a lot of tapping to be had, but whenever you access a menu or tap a button, there's no lag or delay. Generally speaking, the game runs smoothly without any networking errors or lag. Players hopped in and out of lobbies quite often, and I saw no slow down when new players tried to reconnect.

As you play and win, you'll raise your player level. Gaining new levels gives you a greater status, & also unlocks some abilities like side betting. This progression was nice to see, but I wish there was a bit more of it. Hopefully these guys will come up with more game modes in the near future. You can customize your avatar with a real-life photo, or a one of the 18 various portraits already in the game. Most of these resemble human players, and I wish there would've been a larger variety of customization. There's some decent statistic tracking that shows your best hand, games won, and biggest pot won. Beyond that, there's not a lot of customization available.

As it stands, Tubb Teen Patti is a fun card game that is great for newcomers. It's addictive and quick, meaning that you'll have time to play a few games while on a break at work, during transit, or during any leisure time. It's a game I can see myself coming back to time and time again for a quick poker fix. There's some room for improvement; I would've enjoyed more modes and the ability to play with friends. Despite these absences, Tubb Teen Patti remains a fun time that is worth checking out. If you've been looking for a card game more based in traditional play, Tubb Teen Patti is definitely worth a download. Try it out, and maybe I'll see you in a match!

Reviewed by Matt