Nov 18, 16
Tons of Bullets

We have seen the idea of saving a girlfriend in distress many times since Mario, so what really makes Tons of Bullets stand out? Tons of Bullets is a very exciting and rewarding platform game that adds in numerous weapons, insane boss battles and a wide array of interesting gameplay ideas that you do not want to miss at all!

The great thing about Tons of Bullets is that this game is always very fast paced. I like this type of games and I always appreciate great, creative ideas. The arsenal of weapons is large and fun to access, the interesting attacks are rewarding and the game really is a very exciting title with plenty of cool ideas.

The gameplay on its own is simple yet a ton of fun. It helps make the experience a lot more rewarding and it does allow you to better understand what is going on.

The enemies in this game are very fast and there will be numerous times when you will die. I did, but I still had a ton of fun here. The gameplay is so good and funny that you will always come back to the experience to enjoy it. That alone makes Tons of Bullets a stellar game for me and I would be delighted to play even more from it.

The 8-bit era graphics style suits the game very well and the music here is distinct as well. Some of the tracks stand out, as well as some of the level designs and the characters. The pixelated approach does wonders in Tons of Bullets and I am very happy to say that the game does a stellar job at conveying this story.

Even if our hero is just a bunch of pixels, after a few hours of play you will care about him and you will want him to reach success. You should consider giving this title a shot. The Tons of Bullets game is rewarding and it will definitely bring you the fun you need!

Reviewed by Alexandru