Jun 01, 16
Tapstorm Trials

Bored of idling alone? Quit playing with yourself and get tapping with your friends in an idle adventure like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Tapstorm Trials is a multiplayer online role-playing Idle game where you and your friends band together to defend a magical world from hordes of crazy monsters and gold rush.

Tapstorm Trials combines classic clicker gameplay with interesting MMORPG elements:
• Collect and upgrade pets to fight alongside you!
• Hunt down and upgrade mysterious treasures to power up your strength!
• Unlock and explore mysterious levels!
• Take on millions of menacing monsters!
• Compete and cooperate with players from all around the world!
• Rise through the rankings to become the ultimate monster masher!

Note: Tapstorm Trials requires an internet connection to play.

● "Tap-Tacular!": Simple controls – Just get those fingers moving and whip up a storm!
● "Smash Millions of Monsters!": Tap those monsters into oblivion!
● "Upgrade Gear, Pets & More": Collect and upgrade heaps of magical pets, mounts, artifacts, and totems to help you overcome the Tapstorm Trials!
● "Fight for Your Guild!": Team up with friends to challenge the most powerful monsters in the trials! Tap together to take over the world!
● "Ranked Arena Battles!": Pit your pets against others with our innovative Pet PvP system! Collect and upgrade new magical pets and make an awesome pet team of your own, then face-off against other players to reach the top of the rankings!
● "Rebirth System": When things get too tough, use Rebirth to start over with enhanced power! A new start – a new challenge!
● "Gold Rush": Original interactive MMO fun game! Command your strongest pet team to occupy a golden temple and fight off other players as they try to steal your gold! The Idle RPG
Millions of monsters stand before you… Do you have what it takes to overcome the Tapstorm Trials? Download now and find out!