Sep 03, 16
Tap and Smash

Tap and Smash is an interesting little game that will require you to just tap and then smash items on the screen. It’s a very simple system for sure but it does offer plenty of amazing gameplay moments and some of the coolest experiences that you can find on the Google Play store.

I for one was very impressed by the graphics in this game as they are very good and they do immerse you into the entire experience. But don’t get me wrong, while the graphics do stand out here, it’s the gameplay that makes the game really good and I am really impressed with the unique gameplay system that they got going here. It’s a very immersive system, it works amazingly well and it does provide you with a lot of value.

Tapping is very responsive and the game does a very good job at keeping the controls really simple. I like how vibrant the entire experience gets as you play and being able to access new levels all the time is a lot of fun for sure.

One of the things I appreciate quite a bit is the fact that they have randomly generated levels for Tap and Smash. This means that each new experience is different and that’s definitely one of the things that will make you love the game quite a bit. The visuals are amazing as I mentioned and the developers did integrate some innovative special effects that are enjoyable and fun.

As you can expect from this type of game, you do get plenty of bonuses and power ups, but many times you do need to work hard in order to acquire them. Thankfully, doing so does pay off immensely and it does provide you with a great source of entertainment which is really neat.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with Tap and Smash and I do consider it to be a very good, rewarding and fun game. It’s a special title and one that will definitely be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike so I do recommend it to any parent, child or people that just want to pass the time while playing a fun and rewarding game.

App Games Score: 8.5/10