Mar 01, 16
Suti - Virtual Pet Game

There are many situations in which having a real pet is not an option, but thankfully with many interesting virtual pet games on iOS you don’t have a problem enjoying the company of such a cute pet right off the bat. The interesting thing about Suti is that this virtual pet is simplistic yet adorable and a lot of fun to nurture.

When it comes to the gameplay on its own Suti does a great job when it comes to delivering a very simple yet fun gameplay mechanic that does manage to stand out quite a lot. You have to give food to your pet, keep it healthy and play with it.

There’s a huge amount of activities to be had with Suti and I have to say that playing with this cute pet is a ton of fun. You have mini games that will give you in-game currency and which are easy and fun, while others are a little more demanding. You can change the color, dress Suti as you want and just nurture its needs regardless if it wants to sleep or anything like that. Suti’s main appeal though is that it behaves like a real pet, it needs love, nurturing and so on. This is one of the things that really make it interesting and I have to say that the results are definitely astounding because of that.

It’s nice to see that Suti offers a ton of cool options and to be honest I did find myself playing for hours and hours all the time. It was and still is an immersive experience because the more you play the more evolved your Suti will be. There will be more clothing options, plenty of cool ideas to use and so on. It’s really nice and fun to see Suti and the stuff that it can deliver, so you should totally give it a shot if you like virtual pet games. Since the title is free to begin with there’s no real issue in giving it a try, you will definitely end up liking it for sure!