Oct 15, 16
Square it!

Square it is one of those games that are easy to play but very hard to master. While playing it I immediately realized that it will take quite a bit of time for you to reach the results and value you want. The great benefit of this game is that it manages to take a simple concept and it creates multiple levels around it.

As you can expect, the levels are very different and each one of them comes with a unique approach towards the entire experience. That’s what really manages to set the game apart and it also provides you with a very distinct approach that you do not want to miss.

The premise of filling the area with squares without leaving any empty spaces there seems simple enough but you will however find it pretty challenging especially in the beginning. There will be times when you need to have a very distinct approach when you play and that is when Square it makes a massive difference.

The puzzles are challenging although it does depend on how accustomed you are with puzzle games in general. As a regular puzzle gamer, I found myself to enjoy the experience although there were some times when it was hard even for me to figure out how to play the game properly.

You can play this as a relaxation game if you want without any goal other than filling the board with squares, but you can also see Square it as a very challenging game. It all comes down to you and the way you approach it. The game is exciting, fun and it does provide you with quite a bit of interesting gameplay options.

It’s a very good game if you want to train your mind although there will be plenty of challenges to have there for sure. Is it a good game? Of course, in fact Square it does an amazing job when it comes to offering you a distinct approach to this type of gameplay. Is it fun? Yes it really is, and the gameplay you get is very immersive.

Plus, you can always put the game down if you want as the gameplay is designed with a very good attention to detail and the experience is nothing short of interesting. If you are a fan of games that don’t hold your hand but which also make you smarter, I believe that you will definitely have a blast with Square it. This game is all sorts of fun and if you are a person that enjoys great gameplay, you are bound to love this type of game right away! Even if you are not into puzzle games, Square it is still worth your time as it really is an exciting and fun game to test and boost your concentration!

App Games Score: 8/10