Dec 20, 15
Spelling Bug: Hangman

Since I have a child I am always on the lookout for some cool, exciting games that make him happy and which also help teach him a thing or two as well. With this in mind, I tried Spelling Bug: Hangman and I wanted to help my child learn more about spelling in the process.

It turns out that Spelling Bug: Hangman is actually a great way for any child to learn spelling, because it seamlessly combines visual with educational art in order to create a very interesting ideas that you will enjoy and appreciate all the same.

It doesn’t really matter what age your child might have, instead what you have to focus on here is the uniqueness of the entire experience and how everything manages to add up in order to deliver a stellar, exciting and fun experience altogether.

Spelling Bug: Hangman has colorful graphics, and that does help the learning experience quite a lot. In fact, using this particular app for learning is a lot of fun and it does spruce up the entire way you think about learning.

Taking this from the perspective of a hangman game, it’s also quite decent since it does bring in front some really interesting experiences all around. While the game is not hard, there will be some words that you will have a problem with, but on the other hand this is how I feel that a hangman game should be in the first place.

There are clues that you can buy as well as a whole bunch of other cool stuff that adds up to the experience. Yet the best way to play this game, at least for me, was to get alongside my son and play together. Nothing is more fun and rewarding than this to be honest, and I commend the Spelling Bug: Hangman creators for delivering this game. It strengthens the connection between parent and child, it’s fun, informative and educational. And it’s also free, which is quite impressive to be honest!


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