Jan 14, 17
Speedy Bally

Speedy Bally is a fast paced arcade game that's filled with plenty of action where the player must race through the levels to find the keys and reach the exit. The aim is pretty simple which is great for a mobile game but the game does have a few issues with teaching players the basics of the game.

There's a short controls tutorial at the start of the game which works well to teach players how to play but the tutorial is a little lacking. Players are placed into the first level with a brief controls lesson before being left alone to explore the level and find the exit. The process could have been made much simpler if a more in-depth tutorial was used for the game that walked the player though escaping the level and teaching them about how to interact with objects. Without being taught this, completing the first levels in the game can take quite some time and can be a little confusing. Players who are looking for an easy to pick up and play game could struggle a little bit with this game.

Having problems with the controls is quite a common issue for mobile games but thankfully, Speedy Bally is free from these problems. Players just need to move their ball by swiping left or right and then swipe up to jump. The controls are simple and straightforward making the mechanics easy to learn.

The gameplay in Speedy Bally is deceptively simple; it looks like a very easy game but in reality, the puzzle mechanics and time restraints force players to plan out their actions before starting each level. Just one mistake could result in a game over and force players to replay the level. It works nicely to build a tense atmosphere where every move counts and the addition of dangerous obstacles works well for the game. The biggest issue with the gameplay is the lack of explanation of the mechanics during the tutorial. It lacks instructions about how to how obstacles, how to interact with them and that there are dangerous obstacles to avoid.

It's possible to still understand the gameplay mechanics but it does take a few attempts at the first level which could be too frustrating for some players. Interact-able objects are relatively clear on each level and stand out compared to the background graphics and the level design itself. Dangerous obstacles are also very clear on the levels; they're spiky and can come in a variety of forms such as cactus or literal spikes. Avoiding them can take some practice and players who like to rush though levels will find that doing so will kill them quite often.

Fans of this genre should find that Speedy Bally is an entertaining time drain without complicated controls. It features nice graphics with a realistic beach ball as the default setting but there are several skins available for it. Unlocking them requires the player to complete each level and collect various forms of currency in each one. Nothing inside the game is locked behind a paywall and there is no premium currency in the game which is a great bonus.

The music featured in the game is very casual and gives the impression of a slow-paced game but this certainly isn't the case; Speedy Bally is all about timing and it can become quite stressful on the later levels. Casual music in the game helps keeps players focused without causing any additional stress and the nice loops give the game a much more mellow atmosphere.

Speedy Bally is a nice addition to the arcade genre for mobile devices; the gameplay is challenging enough to keep players entertained but the tutorial issues cannot be overlooked as this could make the game too frustrating to play for some users.

Reviewed by Lunawolf