Dec 21, 16
Solitaire Lounge: Play Cards

“Solitaire Lounge” is a mobile version of the beloved card game. Developed by BitAura, this colorful and thematic take on the classic single player card game is great for all sorts of players. In fact, solitaire on its own remains one of the most addictive games of all time, and is easy to pick up and learn. But what does “Solitaire Lounge” bring to the table that isn't already available in more basic versions? That's what we're here to find out.

When you open the app, the game immediately shows you what all of the trackers and numbers mean. Through a series of information bubbles, you can easily identify “strategy bonus”, your number of moves, and what options are available to you. There's really only one mode of play, “Adventure”. However, there is some extra options for those looking to challenge themselves. From the settings menu, you can choose to have 3 Card Draw or Single Card Draw. Additionally, there's eight different language settings, as well as three difficulty settings. This ensures that solitaire masters won't feel unchallenged, and newcomers won't feel confused.

For those unfamiliar with solitaire, the rules of the game are simple. The game starts with seven stacks of cards, with only one face up. You also have a draw deck that you can pull cards from. The object of the game is to move around the cards and stack them in sequential order, alternating by color. For example, a red seven card needs to be followed by a red six, then a black five, and so forth. You pull these cards from other piles, or from the draw decks. As you find aces you move them to the top, and then you can start removing cards from the piles to strategize. The end goal is to have all of the cards placed in these ace piles in sequential order. It sounds a bit confusing, but after a few games you'll quickly understand. Unfortunately, the game lacks tutorials or hints. While this isn't a huge issue, hint systems often reveal new strategies and help the player think in new ways. Luckily the “easy” difficulty setting is pretty forgiving, so even new players won't have too many problems figuring everything out.

Now that you understand the basics of the game, let's check out “Adventure” mode. This is the main mode of play in “Solitaire Lounge”. The “Adventure” mode screen starts with one area available, with succeeding areas locked. To unlock new areas, you must win a game of solitaire in the unlocked area, as well as reach a higher experience level. As you play the game and obtain wins, you are rewarded with experience for your overall strategy and completion time. The new areas unlock quickly; you level up in experience after just a few wins.

Each new area provides a fresh set of themes and effects. The opening area, “Zen Pond”, is a nice relaxing start. As you play, fish swim around the environment, and water ripples under the playing field. The second area, “Spooky Hill”, is a love letter of all things creepy. As you play, crows fly past the screen as giant moon rests in the background. There's plenty of different themes in succeeding areas; candy land, pirates, etc. It's a great way to keep things visually interesting, even if there's a lack of gameplay modes.

Overall, “Solitaire Lounge” is a great game to kick back with and play a few rounds. Solitaire holds up as one of the greatest card games every conceived, and “Solitaire Lounge” does a great job showing off why that's true. With colorful areas, strategy bonuses, and a smart experience progression system, “Solitaire Lounge” is a simple and satisfying take on the card classic. Don't hesitate; start shuffling some cards today!

Reviewed by Matt

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