May 28, 15
Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure

The first mobile phones had only a few games on them, but by far the popular favorite was snake. This one of a kind game has always managed to bring in a ton of value in our lives because it just was fun, despite the bad graphics. Thankfully, the graphics and gameplay has evolved, and now we can play Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure on our smartphone.

What makes Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure stand out is the fact that you now have the ability to play 8 different level types, all snake themed. You do get breakout levels, classic levels as well as pong-inspired courses and many other things.

There are also 10 different snake types in the game, and each one has its own set of features that you can enjoy. Not only that, but the controls in this game are customizable and you have a ton of medals that you can win. Combine that with the numerous achievements, insane game modes, astounding graphics and numerous incentives, then you will clearly see how impressive Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure can really be. I was particularly impressed by the extra polish you can find here, and the interesting ideas that just bring new life into the world of snake.

I find Snaky 360 - Snake Adventure almost perfect, a few control issues that I had did hamper my experience but other than that the game is more than decent and I definitely had a lot of fun with it.

I do encourage you to check this game out, it’s one of the most interesting and exciting titles that were released in recent years in the snake game genre, so do try and check it out, this is indeed a game that you do not want to miss at all.


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (