Jul 04, 15
Seahorse and Frog

Most of the time, nowadays, we have games that don’t really challenge us, instead they are very simple. Not Seahorse and frog though, because this is a game that prides on its simplicity in order to provide you with a one of a kind gameplay for you to enjoy.

The idea is simple, you need to make more moves than your opponent, as this will help you win. You get multiple interesting game modes, as well as a ton of variety when it comes to the overall gameplay, and you will be amazed with the intensity of the gameplay. You get a ton of interesting challenges here because the moves are similar to chess, and you need to avoid being caught in a bad position, otherwise the game will end and the enemy will win, if he has a high score of course.

Trying to acquire a better result is a challenge that the game takes to fruition really fast, and you will find yourself playing for a very long time trying to make that a reality.

I feel that the game does a great job when it comes to providing a very good gameplay, and at the same time the game modes do the title a lot of justice. There are tons of board styles, which spruce up the experience, and at the same time the density of the game can be changed quite fast as well.

The downside with this game is that the graphics are very simple, and this might put off some gamers. Other than that though, the gameplay is solid and you will just love the gameplay opportunities, that’s a guarantee!

As it stands, Seahorse and frog is a cool game and one that will offer you hours upon hours of enjoyment. It’s a great brain teaser for those times when you are bored or when you are on the road, commuting!


Review by Alexandru Tanase (AppGames.net)

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