May 28, 15
Run Robert Run

Run Robert Run - Endless running games are by far one of the most exciting types of games you can find on the market, and Run Robert Run is a standout game for this genre. Guiding a character to go as far as possible is a simple idea, but Run Robert Run takes it to a whole new level with unique ideas and an exciting gameplay that you are bound to appreciate!

In Run Robert Run you will control Robert, and endless runner who has to get as far as possible in order to upgrade his abilities and also access goodies. The game features numerous achievements as well as a variety of game worlds that you can peruse at your own pace. There are also bonuses that will allow you to further enrich your game experience as you see fit.

The thing I liked the most about Run Robert Run is definitely the graphics style, which is very interesting, but at the same time I was also amazed by the diversity of the gameplay and the fact that there are lots of bosses into this game.

All of these combined make the game experience very interesting and utterly exciting at all times! I also enjoy the fact that I can get tons of upgrades as these entice you to play more and more, because they instill a ”gotta-have-them-all” syndrome.

The only downside I found in Run Robert Run is the fact that the game gets hard very fast which can be a little confusing if you are a beginner. Other than that though, Run Robert Run does a great job when it comes to bringing in front a stellar endless running experience with impressive visuals.

All in all, I was very impressed by the great quality offered with Run Robert Run. The game can be downloaded for free right now on Google Play, and it’s well worth playing!


Review by Alexandru Tanase (