Feb 07, 17

Coming Soon! - Fans of puzzle games often have to wade through tons of Tetris clones before finding anything new or inventive, it seems. Developer Kalediospace is looking to change that with their upcoming puzzle game, “Rollrollroll”. It's a family friendly game that aims to be not only challenging, but innovative in its control and difficulty. I'm a pretty big fan of puzzle games, especially ones that change up the formula. While I too enjoy a simple “Match 3” game from time to time, games like “Picross 3D” hold a place in my heart for being inventive. With that said, “Rollrollroll” is already heads above the competition, choosing to carve their own puzzle path rather than being a clone.

Specifically speaking, the game works on rotation rather than piling or stacking. You won't be looking at bricks as they come from the top of the screen. Instead, you'll be analyzing your place space and trying to properly rotate blocks to fit the puzzle and advance to the next level. The game is pretty simple to learn, but as the levels progress, so does the difficulty. “Rollrollroll” promises to have a satisfying difficulty curve that will introduce new elements as gameplay progresses.

My biggest problem with puzzle games is the eventual repetitiveness that comes with them. After a few hours with a puzzle game, things can get stale if the game doesn't introduce new elements or design decisions. “Rollrollroll” promises both, introducing new gimmicks like water, teleportation, elevators, and more. These new gameplay additions will affect the physics that the game is based around, specifically the water element. Physics puzzlers can be hit or miss, but it ultimately comes down to the developer's ability to program. These gameplay additions are welcome, as the game has over 140 puzzles spread across 7 different stages. I'm assuming that means you'll have 20 puzzles per stage, with each stage introducing a new element to work with.

Joining you on your adventure are the main characters 'L' and 'R'. While the developers highlighted their antics, I wasn't able to confirm whether or not they have any large impact on the true gameplay. It is nice to have a bit of story to accompany the puzzle solving, though. Far too often are puzzle games simply the board and a timer; I'll be interested to see where the journey takes our heroes.

The game seems simple enough to control, with simple drag motions to rotate tiles or use items. There hasn't been much talk about the kind of items we'll see, but I'm assuming these will be power ups that are tied to an in-game currency or micro transactions. We will be able to control one of (or possibly both) the characters, jumping and moving around the board. There's also a zoom feature, so prepare for larger puzzles that will require closer examination.

When it comes to puzzle games, the true factor of success lies in execution. A puzzle game can have a bunch of great ideas, but those ideas have to click with the player. “Rollrollroll” seems to have these ideas set in place, so the only thing left to do is to play it! Look forward to playing it when it rolls out on the iOS store in Q2 of 2017!

Reviewed by Matt