Dec 13, 16

Not a lot of puzzle games rely on visuals, but RingoWord does that and it’s a brilliant game from that perspective. The main idea here is that you have to find the word hidden within the circle.

It’s not as easy as it might seem though. As you progress you will have more and more words placed in there which will make the process rather difficult and challenging at times. However, the game always keeps a sense of fun and excitement all around, not to mention that you have 7 languages and 2 game modes to go through.

The themed games, achievements and other cool stuff make the game rewarding and fun, but the fact that you can always come back and play with some new challenges does bring the experience to new heights. I like the fact that they added daily tournaments and a leaderboard too, as this also entices you to come back more and more.

RingoWord is easy to play and hard to master. It can be delightful to enjoy the experience and overall you can have quite a lot of fun as you play this which is rather interesting. There will be some challenging points here and there, but as a whole I find RingoWord to be a pleasant and fun puzzle game.

It’s different when compared to other puzzle games that I saw up until this point, but it does a very good job at placing you face to face with some great word game challenges. It’s a delightful game to play and the experience is worth it.

Graphically, RingoWord looks great and it does provide you with an interesting set of visuals. Sure, it’s more on the simplistic side but it does a very good job at making the overall experience immersive and I commend them for that.

Overall, I feel that RingoWord is a very good game and it does a stellar job at what it wants to accomplish. It’s easy to get into, hard to master and it will offer you an enjoyable gaming experience!

Reviewed by Alexandru

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