Jan 27, 17
Rescue Rabbits

Rescue Rabbits is a great action puzzle game developed by Pixel Giant. It has easy to learn controls, exceptional puzzles, and a great art design. While the presentation isn't wholly uncommon, its execution of competent game design forgives most of its flaws. If you're a fan of Angry Birds, or similar three-star challenge games, you'll probably find a lot to love in Rescue Rabbits. It's decidedly more complex than your average puzzle game, so those who are in for a challenge will be excited to know that Rescue Rabbits brings it as well. Let's take a closer look at the game and its mechanics.

From the start menu alone, you'll notice that Rescue Rabbits has a very bubbly and likeable style to it. Clicking the play button shows you the variety of worlds available for play. There's five in all, but most of the start locked and inaccessible. You unlock new worlds by earning stars in previous challenges. The world is broken up into a bunch of challenge levels. It's a structure you're probably familiar with, but it works well with Rescue Rabbits.

The actual level-to-level play is represented similar to Angry Birds as well. Using a launcher on the left side of the screen, you shoot carrots at rabbits trapped in bubbles on the right side of the screen. These bubbled rabbits are usually blocked off structures and blocks, so you must figure out the best angle to shoot at. Additionally, you can place blocks that bounce your carrot off at different speeds. The cannon can be adjusted in both height and rotation, opening up a lot of opportunities for attack. It's a fun and rewarding game of accuracy and smart thinking.

This is due to the three coin system. Upon completing a level, you are awards any number out of three coins based on your performance. You automatically get one for completing the puzzle, but two extra coins can be earned. One can be earned be being prudent with your extra block placement, and the other by freeing all the rabbits with only one shot. While early levels are easy to achieve this on, it quickly becomes a puzzle within itself. This specific coin adds an extra layer of challenge, and is a great reason to replay levels.

As the worlds progress, new elements of gameplay are added to the mix. I won't spoil any here, as they can be subtle and pretty interesting. Additionally, new worlds bring in great new themes and visual styles. It gives some great incentive for sticking with it. As you progress, you also earn additional coins to use in the shop. While the shop doesn't have tons of options, it does contain a bunch of different colored rabbits to unlock, as well as in-game bonuses. You can buy block count power ups, that allow you to place more blocks per level, as well as hints that show you possible solutions to each puzzle. These coins come quickly too, so if you're ever truly stuck it's not hard to get enough coins to buy a hint.

Rescue Rabbits is great in it's flexibility of play. You can shoot tons of carrots out of your cannon, and win with a small amount of coins. More patient players will appreciate the fine tuning required to get puzzles done in one shot. Its got a massive amount of polish, heart, and content. In fact, it's positively wonderful. Similar challenge based games often struggle to find a good concept and make it fun to continuously play. By building upon itself and never being too challenging, Rescue Rabbits distinguishes itself as a smart game that will be teasing your brain for a while.

Reviewed by Matt

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