Sep 03, 16
Planet Matrix

Planet Matrix is one of the games created for a specific, niche audience. More specifically, this is a game created for people that love math and it does a very good job at offering them new challenges to overcome on a daily basis.

The great thing about this game is that it also features some sort of a story. You follow the monkey Fourier that left the jungle in order to explore space and planets that are found in the Planet Matrix. You will obviously need to keep the monkey alive and embark in a variety of missions that will shape your future.

The game does feature a wide range of levels and the difficulty does get higher and higher all the time. Thankfully, the developer does a great job at explaining how you can play the game as soon as you launch it and you will be immersed into the entire experience right from the start. There are a few gameplay challenges along the way but overall you will find yourself engages and full of fun as soon as you start playing.

The backgrounds and overall graphics are very good as well, you can tell that the developer placed a lot of work and effort into the visuals. Also, the puzzles are different and refined all the time which is what makes them so unique and fun to begin with. It’s a very good game for kids that want to master math but it’s also suitable for adults that want a brain teaser and a challenge.

I liked the fact that the game allows you to share your score and it does come with a dedicated way of figuring out scores. It really is a special title thanks to that alone and it does offer plenty of interesting features. Overall, I am happy with my experience in Planet Matrix and I feel that everyone looking for a brain teaser and a good puzzle game will enjoy this title.

App Games Score: 8/10