Jan 04, 17
Pixelmon Shooting

Pixelmon Shooting is a multiplayer first person shooter developed by Cool Block Games. While it's not a hugely unique FPS for the mobile market, it's a competent and enjoyable one. Some technical issues keep it from being truly great, but I had a great time while I played it. Let's take a closer look at Pixelmon Shooting and see what it did right.

First, let's take a look at the actual gameplay. In Pixelmon Shooting, you arm an avatar with weapons and armor and jump into a free-for-all deathmatch. The objective is simple; kill as many people as possible while collecting trophies. Trophies work like experience in this game; the more you earn, the higher your “league” ranking gets. The higher you advance in league standings, the more gear and weapons you can craft.

Speaking of, Pixelmon Shooting has a fun crafting system (as well as a smart economy) that encourages replayability. Besides trophies, you collect coins and eggs during gameplay. Coins are what you use to purchase new weapons in the shop, and eggs contain most of the components necessary to craft new weapons. Eggs take a few hours to hatch, but often have pretty good drop rates. After hatching a few eggs, I was able to craft a handful of things; don't worry about having to wait too long to get you gear.

The visual style of the game is more “Minecraft” than “Pokemon”, though there's hints of the latter when concerning the eggs. However, I don't want to understate just how much this game looks like “Minecraft”. It's not a fault, though. The bright, colorful visuals lend themselves well to the low stakes shooting action. The “Pokemon” aspect comes in during crafting. Small monsters of different types are birthed from the hatchable eggs, and act as your crafting components. Besides that, there's no real comparison to the massively popular “Pokemon” franchise.

Honestly, that's about it. While it might not seem like a huge amount of content, what is here works well. I'm usually pretty picky about my first person shooters, so the fact that I enjoyed it enough to rank up several times speaks volumes. While you won't find your next “Call of Duty” in Pixelmon Shooting, you will find a fun competitive experience that is rewarding and entertaining.

I mentioned technical issues at the top, and I do want to elaborate a bit on that. As you're playing the game, you will of course die. Normally, you respawn quickly and find yourself back in the action without much pause. However, I encountered a glitch where instead of respawning, you encounter a white screen that soft locks the game. Once the match is over, it will force you back to the main menu. Unfortunately, this means sometimes staring at a white screen for 3 minutes waiting for the match to end. This happened more than a few times, to a point where I attempted reinstalling the game. This is a problem that other players have encountered, but there's no known fix for it yet. It might be a device compatibility issue, a server issue, or a combination of networking latency and signal retention. It's a pretty big issue when it occurs, but oddly enough, it didn't completely soil the experience for me.

Generally speaking, if you're a fan of first person shooters, you'll probably enjoy Pixelmon Shooting. The lack of tutorial might have you feeling lost at first, but thanks to intuitive controls and easy to figure out mechanics, you'll be kicking butt in no time. You can play it super serious if you'd like, but in my opinion, Pixelmon Shooting is best played as a low stakes competition. Most of the players are just there to have fun; something you will undoubtedly have with Pixelmon Shooting!

Reviewed by Matt