Jan 12, 17

PanzerHead is an interesting action game which is set in steampunk world where the player controls a bug-like creature which is armed with a variety of guns. It has a relatively simple plot which is briefly explained at the start of the game. Players control a PanzerHead who is the Guardian of the Stone Garden which is under attack from pests which are flooding the garden with hatchlings.

The aim of the game is to destroy the invaders and stop the “Seeders” from laying more eggs; the objective becomes more clear as the first level progresses as the game is missing some instruction at the start of the first level. This isn't a major issue however and the goal of the game become clear very quickly and the nice tutorial ensures that players understand the basic gameplay.

Mobile action games can sometimes have issues with the controls and PanzerHead is quite mixed in this respect; players control their character by tilting and rotating their device to move their character in a certain direction. As the PanzerHead is always walking forwards, it can take quite some time to get used to this control method and control the character accurately in the maze-like arena. The control system works nicely for the game but it does take some time to get used to and people who don't have a gripped cover on their device could be a risk of dropping their phone while playing the game.

Gameplay in PanzerHead is relatively straightforwards and is focused around combat; players must guide their character though the stone maze to find and kill the pests that have infiltrated the Stone Garden. The number of targets left are shown on the screen, making the information clear and easy to find which is great for such an action-orientated game.

Combat can be a little bit awkward at first due to the control system and it does take some practice to aim the weapons correctly; the hatchlings only take one hit to kill while the larger enemies take multiple hits to destroy. Five larger enemies need to be defeated in each level to progress through the game and the arrows on the screen help guide the players towards them.

Several types of guns can be found on each level and switching between weapons can be done at any time but pressing the fire button while walking around the map can be a quite awkward at times. While most enemies aren't much of a threat, there are several which will attack the player and deal damage to the PanzerHead.

There are 100 levels to play through in the game and once complete, a special endless mode is unlocked for players to fight through as long as they can. There's plenty of content in the game for players to explore and while the gameplay is consistent throughout, it does become repetitive after completing a few levels.

PanzerHead is a nice mobile game with plenty of content for players to fight through and while it's an easy game to play for several hours, it can become quite repetitive in the later levels. The biggest potential problem with the game is the control system which can be awkward during the early levels of the game and could be quite off-putting to some new players who may not want to spend a lot of time getting used to the controls.

There may be a few minor issues with PanzerHead but the simple aim of the game makes this an easy game to pick up and play. It's a nice action game for Android devices and there's lots of content to explore in this game which makes it a great game for players looking for a game to play for several weeks.

Reviewed by Lunawolf