Dec 17, 16
Overtake Car Traffic Racing

“Overtake” is a thrilling racing game developed by Virtual Soft Lab. With a great variety of cars, modes, and challenges, the game has a little bit of everything. It's easy to play and quick to learn, so even casual gamers can enjoy a little bit of burn on the asphalt. When you open up the game, there's quite a bit to take in. I'll break it down piece by piece so you know exactly what “Overtake” has to offer. Buckle up, it's gonna be a crazy ride!

Before I explain any of the gameplay or modes, I want to bring up the options available from the beginning. By selecting “Settings” on the main menu, you are greeted with a few sliders and some graphical options. There isn't a ton of customization in the options, but what's here is fantastic. There's three tiers of graphical fidelity; Low, Normal, and High. Each selection is meant to find a proper balance between visual flare and smooth performance. I ran the game fine on Normal with a Samsung J7, but the Low setting ensures that you'll have a great experience regardless of your device. The High setting requires 2 GB of RAM and up-to-date processing abilities, so those with the power can enjoy incredibly crisp and flashy visuals. Additionally, the game offers camera options for distance, height, and field of view. These are options that you are rarely allotted in a mobile game. The steering sensitivity also goes seven digits deep, so while you might enjoy a sensitivity of 0.8380322, I prefer a slower 0.3075586. Yes, it's a bit ridiculous, but it's an insane amount of control over steering. When it comes to a racing game, I'm going to count that as a massive positive.

Onto the gameplay! There's three modes of play available: One Way, Two Way, and Wrong Way. Each mode controls the same, but features slightly different obstacles. You control the car of your choice, and race down the road attempting to reach high speeds, overtake cars, and travel far distances. Your car has a damage meter that drains as you bounce off the barriers and opposing cars. Once your meter is full you can either repair the car by viewing an advertisement, or simply start over. The goal is always the same; go as far as you can as fast as you can. The three different modes offer some variety, but I found myself mostly playing Two Way.

Depending on your performance at the end of a run, you'll be awarded in-game cash and experience. These cash credits can be used to unlock new stages, or play with new cars. There's eight cars to choose from, ranging from muscle cars to high speed performance vehicles. You can customize color and add horsepower for additional credits, continuing the cycle of play and reward. Those who don't want to spend time collecting credits can pick up the paid version, which unlocks all the cars and gives you 50,000 credits for $4.99 USD.

“Overtake” is an easy to play addictive racing game that will have you returning time and time again. It's a game that you can play in quick bursts or for long stretches, thanks to its multiple modes. Additionally, even once you've seen and raced it all, there's achievements and leaderboards to place on. Whether you're a gearhead or can't change your oil, “Overtake” is a thrilling experience. Download it now and try it for yourself... I'm sure you'll be weaving in and out of virtual traffic with reckless abandon in no time at all.

Reviewed by Matt

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