Jun 06, 15
Nightmare Run: Infinite Runner

I love endless running games, so when I heard about Nightmare Run: Infinite Runner I immediately wanted to see if it’s any good or not. Thankfully, this is a game where you get a ton of content to go through, and the mechanic is simple.

You have to continually tap the screen in order to avoid the traps and reach the highest score. There are multiple monsters to choose from, with the initial one being a bat, and there are many levels to be enjoyed as you see fit. Just like in any other similar game, you collect lots of coins, and the game mechanic is designed to be enjoyable and fun.

Continually trying to bring in the highest score is really fun for me, and I have to say that the gameplay mechanics are truly enjoyable. You will surely appreciate the astounding gameplay and the numerous upgrades that you can bring to your character, but also the variety of missions and the cool, amazing music that comes with it. I enjoy the graphics as well, I find them nicely done. The characters are also funny too, but the animations are a little stiff, something that did hamper the gameplay experience a little bit.

However, there are a few downsides. There is a lack of production value here, and the gameplay could be better as there are numerous things to be improved such as the interface and the animations. I also encountered a few cases of stuttering which really hurt my scores with the game. Still, I find that the game is truly fun and enjoyable regardless, so it’s well worth a shot. Maybe the issues will be filled by upcoming updates, so don’t worry, just enjoy the game and the experience, as it’s a fun pastime experience!


Review written by Alexandru Tanase (appgames.net)