Nov 18, 16
Monsters Panic

Monsters Panic is a very interesting arcade game that comes with a very simple premise that anyone will enjoy. This game requires you to control not one, but two monsters that need to jump over the other without damaging themselves.

Although the premise is simple, the difficulty quickly ramps up, mainly because the game is indeed designed with a very cool idea in mind. It’s a lot simpler than many of the games you can find right now online, but rest assured that this is indeed a very cool game and one that will definitely test yourself at all times.

You’ll enjoy the simplicity of the game, but maybe the best thing about Monsters Panic is that you will have the opportunity to fully improve your reflexes as you see fit. It does take a while in order to acquire the results you want, true, but the skills will be improved and you will have much better reflexes which you do need in such a situation.

Monsters Panic isn’t a frustrating game like many similar ones on Google Play, instead it’s a simple game whose mechanic is perfectly designed to avoid frustration. It does have its fair share of challenges along the way, of course, but overall the game is pleasant and a lot of fun. The only downside for some persons is that the game does require a lot of focus right from the start, as the difficulty ramps up fast. This makes it a great title for those that want a simpler arcade game so you should definitely check it out right now!

I did find a much better reaction time after playing this game, so it does help you improve your skills which is one of the best things about it. Sure, it does have its moments of large difficulty, but overall it’s an astounding game, with a lot to offer and an impressive amount of content unlike never before. If you like skill based games, then you should definitely give this one a shot, it’s well worth your time!