Aug 15, 15
Math To Kill Time

I love math, and I truly think that we all need to test our math knowledge from time to time in order to brush it up and improve it. And to be honest, that’s what I got with Math To Kill Time right from the start. This is a really cool game that was created with a simple premise. You need to solve a wide range of simple math operations, be it subtraction, addition and others.

But aside from the math skills, this game also does an astounding job when it comes to testing your reflexes as well. It’s an amazing title because it has so many game modes that make the experience very different each time you play, something that is indeed a major plus.

The normal game mode, Simple Maths is pretty much the easiest out of the entire bunch and it’s quite easy to understand right off the bat. I think that this is the best mode for beginners. It works great, offers a wide range of exciting gameplay opportunities and it’s just a pleasure to go through. It’s not as challenging as the other game modes you can find here, and that’s ok, but at the same time you do get a lot of fun stuff to play with, something that makes the title well worth it.

With Flash Maths, things get turned up a notch. The game becomes increasingly difficult this time, mainly because it brings you immense opportunities all the time. I found this game mode to be very fun to play and it also allows you to acquire some very impressive set of gameplay ideas as you go along. The speed can be a downside for some players though, as the title makes things way too hard right from the start, I would have preferred a gradual increase in difficulty instead of making the game so hard immediately. Still, it’s a worthwhile game mode but I do recommend you to go through the others before heading to this one, as things can be very difficult.

In the case of Falling Maths, you will lose the simplicity of the gameplay, yet there are many challenges along the way as well. I feel that the mode is also quite difficult, mainly because various math operations are falling from the sky and thus the experience is turned up very fast. It’s really cool to play this because you do manage to speed up the thought process, which is amazing for your memory skills.

To be honest, Math To Kill Time managed to blow me away and I find it to be one of the most interesting games out there. It’s a lot of fun, offers extraordinary game modes and you get a lot of content from it. This game is very good, and I would recommend it to any person that loves math games. It’s not for everyone, as some persons which love action-based titles might get bored quickly, yet for the math lovers or kids, this is the holy grail!


Review by Alexandru Tanase (