Mar 19, 16
Match & Magic

I always loved match three games as well as RPGs so being able to play a game which combines the two genres without any problem is not only very interesting, it also manages to offer some incredible results and a great user experience all around.

Match & Magic is one of the games that have continually managed to impress me with a great attention to detail and unique user experiences all around. It’s a game created with ease of use in mind and it does manage to deliver an incredible way to play a match three title all while imbuing the experience with some cool and action packed gameplay moments.

I liked the fact that you need to purchase each level that you want to play because it does add quite an interesting layer of customization and it also makes the experience more refined. This on its own, combined with the fact that you have specific goals for each level does tend to add an RPG flair to the entire experience and that is really solid to say the least.

The goals are concrete and you will have no problem playing, yet the greatest thing for me when it comes to this game is that you always tend to encounter something new. The match 3 based attacks are truly innovative and I am very impressed with them to be honest. I always find match 3 games to be very demanding in time but Match & Magic does tend to make thing simpler and funnier which is what matters the most.

It’s nice to see that Match & Magic allows you to collect magic, level up your character, get new armor and so on, because it does make the experience more fun in the end. Of course there are some issues to be encountered such as the fact that the game is a little rough around the edges and there are a few animation problems at times but the game is truly amazing and simply stunning so you won’t have to deal with those issues for a long period of time.

Overall I am impressed with the stuff that Match & Magic brings to the table and considering the unique match 3 and RPG combination, I do hope it gets a follow-up because I for one couldn’t stop playing this!

App Games Score: 8.2/10

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