Nov 25, 16
Knight's Tour Chess Puzzle

Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle is a new game that was created with a very interesting premise, and that is to help you test your math skills in a very enticing and unique manner. What makes this game distinct is the fact that not only does it look amazingly well, but it does bring in front a very immersive experience!

The game’s main focus is on offering more than 100 distinct puzzles. These are great and varied based on my experience. Sure, as you progress some of them will be quite challenging but I did expect that to happen for sure.

An interesting thing I liked about Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle is that they make a clever use of the way you use your knight. You need to make sure that you move your knight in the L-shaped manner as fast as you can. It will not be easy, true, but the game does provide you with obstacles and fun moments just to keep the entire experience interesting and refined to begin with.

Another thing I liked is that they do a very good job at varying puzzles. Most puzzle games have a problem with creating unique puzzles and experiences, but Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle doesn’t have any such issues.

Instead, I felt that each approach was fresh and fun. It was nice to have a good set of challenges here as I did feel that the game was rewarding, exciting and with a very pleasant experience in mind.

The more you play Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle, the more you will realize how fun and exciting this game can be. The power-ups they offer within the game can help you change the way you move, they might even allow you to recover health and so on. Obviously, making smart use of these power-ups can either make or break the entire experience and you certainly want that to happen to begin with.

Graphically, Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle is amazing. It looks great, you can also zoom in and out of the board and the entire experience is created with a unique set of ideas in mind. Once you start playing the Knight's Tour: Chess Puzzle you will certainly be more than impressed with the outcome. I liked it, it’s something different and fun so I am sure you will enjoyed it, I surely did!

Reviewed by Alexandru