Feb 04, 16
Junior Coder

Junior Coder is an exciting iOS app that was created with the simple purpose of providing you an amazing, exciting set of tools which will help your kid learn more about coding. The app does a great job when it comes to combining games and fun in one interesting package.

Right off the bat the entire application is created with ease of use in mind and not only does it allow you immediate access to plenty of opportunities, it also integrates some nice programming concepts in a simple manner.

After Junior Coder I can definitely say that I could understand some simple programming concepts despite not being a programmer in the first place and that really brings in front great possibilities. It’s really one of the best concepts out there and I am sure that you will love the wonderful way everything adds up together and delivers the best value.

I like that they integrated algorithmic thinking and sequencing in the free version, but you can also find some other nice features such as repetition, looping, pattern recognition, control flow, problem solving, debugging and efficient programming as well as many others in a very good and performant package.

Junior Coder manages to make the entire experience refined and filled with a lot of potential to begin with, but at the same time it also delivers a huge amount of fun too which is what matters the most.

The interface is simple but refined and the games found in the title are amazing considering the great details that you can see here.

If you have even the slightest interest in teaching your kids how to code, then downloading this app is a no brainer. It really manages to take your experience to the next level and you will surely love it. Just give it a try and you will be amazed with the results, it’s really special and fun to begin with!

AppGames.net Score 9/10