Dec 26, 16
Joy Vegas Slots - Free Casino

There's a certain allure to the bright lights and deafening roar of slot machines all being played at once. It's half of the experience, really. “Joy Vegas Slots” is a new slot machine game created by JoyVegas and Pawa. Out of all the things this game does right, the atmosphere is the most apparent. “Joy Vegas Slots” is a unique experience full of content, so let's take a deeper look.

At first glance, “Joy Vegas Slots” is a bit busy on the eyes, but simple to navigate. At the main menu there's quite a few options, but everything is represented cleanly. A bottom bar hosts buttons for Leaderboards, Gifts, Friends, and Bonuses. The top of the screen has a variety of icons that move you to current online tournaments, display the amount of coins acquired, and your experience level. There's a collapsible options menu that allows you to change language, check out the Frequently Asked Questions, and adjust volumes. It's good to see that for a game about the simplistic slot machine, there's a variety of options allowed to the player.

However, the real meat of “Joy Vegas Slots” are its variety of slot machines and their presentation. All of these are easily accessible from the main menu in the form of colorful icons. There's honestly too many to list, but I'll highlight some of my favorite for example. The first icon on the menu is Panda Jones slot, one of my favorite of the bunch. Panda Jones exhibits everything that makes “Joy Vegas Slots” a great slot game. The presentation of the screen is vibrant to say the least. The icons in the slot all mash up to create an atmosphere and theme, with all of them being cheerful and fun. Panda Jones created a sense of adventure, with its cute animals in detective attire and exotic locations. This feeling of genre transfers well among st all the tables. Some standouts include Sweet Land, Fortune China, Greek Legends, Mysterious Night, and Lucky Forest. This is personal preference, of course, but these are all slots that are engaging and exciting to play.

As far as actual functionality, the options on each slot are plentiful. You can adjust your amount of coin on each bet as well as what lines you will bet on. As far as the spinning goes, there's a button you press to spin (a lever would've been a nice touch). You can hold it down to engage auto-spin, so don't worry if you just like to sit back and watch the fireworks. As you win bets and place in tournaments you gain experience. Your experience level affects your maximum bet limit, but leveling up yields big coin bonuses. The leveling system provides good replay-ability as well, ensuring that keep coming back for more spins.

I don't consider myself a gambler or a huge fan of slots. However, “Joy Vegas Slots” was able to get me excited about the spin of the machine, and that's important. The combination of bright visuals, variety of machines, and solid user interfacing pays off. There's a feeling of community and competition via the tournaments as well. If you're a fan of slot machines, betting high and winning big, or even just hitting a button and watching it go, “Joy Vegas Slots” will recreate that feeling well. It's a competent take on slots that's just as addictive as the real thing.

Reviewed by Matt

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