May 12, 17
Infected Zone: Zombie Survival
by App Games Team!

Infected Zone: Zombie Survival is an adventure survival game that plays in a fashion similar to This War of Mine which was released for PC in 2014. The game was developed by Loco Games Studio and released earlier this year for Android devices.

The gameplay is clearly inspired by This War of Mine and also seems to have some influence from Zafehouse: Diaries. The developers have done a nice job bringing that style of gameplay to the mobile gaming platform however.

When the game starts, the player is greeted with a tutorial that provides a brief walkthrough the controls of the game. It also points the player towards where they can find more detailed information from the help menu. This is great to see in this style of game where there's lots to learn.

In addition to the tutorial, the game guides the player a little bit through the story. The player is directed towards certain locations on the map which is good for new players and newcomers to the genre. The game has a brief plot which is expanded upon as the game progresses but gamers shouldn't expect too much from the plot.

One of the biggest downfalls in this game is the English text which is strangely worded at times and filled with grammar issues. It seems to have been translated with Google Translate and while what the text is saying is still clear to native English speakers, other users may struggle with the game.

Combat plays a large role in the game and occurs every time the player leaves their safe house. When fighting zombies the player has the option to use several types of attacks in a style that blends real-time with turn-based combat. The enemy is constantly moving towards the player and the player can decide which form of attack to use. Melee weapons can only be used at close range however.

Crafing also plays quite a large role in the game as players need to use the materials they collect to craft new items. These items can be taken outside of the safehouse on missions or can be used to enhance it by adding new defenses or items for rooms.

The game is played in a day & night cycle where the safehouse can be attacked at night by other survivors looking for supplies. The player needs to be home during the night to avoid being attacked but the game doesn't explain this in the tutorial. It can result in several frustrating minutes of gameplay however, the game does feature a timer that shows the time of day.

Infected Zone features smooth controls that utilize the touch screen nicely. The player can control the game easily by tapping the buttons on the screen. All of the players health information is displayed the top of the screen in addition to the time and other daily information making it easy to see at any moment in the game.

The graphics in the game suit the post-apocalyptic world nicely and look great on mobile devices. Infected Zone also features a nice soundtrack which suits each section of the game and helps to build a good atmosphere for the game.

Infected Zone is a nice addition to the zombie genre. It takes the classic survival gameplay and creates a game that's not just about killing zombies but places heavy emphasis on survival. Fans of this genre should feel at home with this game.

Reviewed by LunaWolf

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