Dec 05, 16
Hexa Dots - Connect Four Dots

Matching games and connect 4 titles are very fun, but what if you could combine them? Hexa Dots is a really interesting, fun game that comes with a truly interesting set of ideas. Right from the start, you will be able to play Hexa Dots in a very interesting manner. The game will bring in front some unique, significant changes that will offer you the gameplay and fun you need without any hassle.

Hexa Dots is nice because your main goal is to connect 4 dots on the board, but you have to do that in as few moves as possible. New dots will appear and that might make the entire process a lot harder than you expect it to be. That alone does come with significant, fun challenges that you have to explore and enjoy.

The game does a very good job at offering a great, high quality gaming experience and the experience on its own is really fun to be honest. They did a very good job at allowing you access to new levels and at the same time you can easily win coins as you play. You will like the great attention to detail and focus offered by the game, not to mention that you will be more than impressed with the fact that you can use coins for power-ups.

I believe that the power-ups are great and they do vary the game quite a bit. They also added in some bonus packs that will spruce up the game experience. It’s interesting to see how everything adds up here and I do believe that the entire experience is quite fun and rewarding for that reason alone.

Using each one of the power-ups actually makes sense and I found that the more you play, the more immersive and fun the experience tends to get here. It’s really exciting and it does bring in front an incredible value for your time which is quite extraordinary!

Overall, I had a lot of fun with Hexa Dots. The gameplay is very intense and it does offer a great, exciting puzzle experience that I enjoyed for quite some time. They do a very good job at making the gameplay immersive and interesting, but as a whole I believe that you will be quite impressed with the wide array of missions and fun delivered here. So, if you want a good and fun game, you should consider this one. It’s great for the entire family and it can bring in front a lot of fun!

Reviewed by Alexandru