Aug 05, 17
Hero TV
by App Games Team!

Hero TV is an auto-play game developed by Super Star and Studio INC. Auto-play games are games that progress on their own, while you control the larger details. This genre has risen in popularity over the years, with standout titles like Clicker Heroes and Make it Rain being standouts as of late. Auto-play games are great for those who like to micromanage, check in on an app occasionally, and have a quick burst of entertainment. Does Hero TV provide that for players, or leave them confused?

An auto-play game is only as good as its feedback loop. Auto-play games feed off rewarding the player in small doses while they work on larger objectives. Hero TV doesn't do a great job explaining itself, which causes quite a hindrance when starting for the first time. There's a distinct lack of a decent tutorial which is badly needed, only further proved by Hero TV's many options. There's a help button, but that just gives you a list of possible options and how to achieve them. It doesn't tell you exactly how the game should be played.

Hero TV's gimmick is right in the title. The whole experience is wrapped around the idea of “streaming”. In Hero TV, you “stream” your battles for a number of days, obtaining points and fans. When you start up the game, you'll be bombarded with a flurry of icons, numbers, and options. It's incredibly overwhelming, and the game would be much better off slowly introducing new features rather than presenting them all at the beginning. In Hero TV, you watch as your hero beats up enemies. You can increase your hero's damage output by upgrading their weaponry in the Costume and Weapons tab. Buying new weapons and upgrading old ones is pretty self explanatory, and one of the easiest aspects of the game.

As your character kills more and more monsters, they become inherently stronger. With each fallen foe, you'll gain a bit of experience that goes towards your overall level. You can also complete quests to get more gold, but this is poorly explained. On the quests tab, you have a list of different “quests”, which don't read quite like quests. You can complete objectives like “creating the Official Website” and “Write an Article”, rewarding you with more gold. These objectives are completed by tapping their respective icons and waiting for the bar to fill up. You can also tap “Proceed Auto-Quest”, which automatically completes quests for you (but still forces you to wait through the timer).

There's a few more tabs to interact with, but a lot of the game involves premium currency. You can select “Special, Season, Props” to start a “Special Streaming” session, which is more difficult but yields better rewards. You can level up accessories here to raise various stats, but I rarely had the currency to do so. You can hire new recruits from the “Supporting Actor” tab, which you hire with hearts. After a significant amount of time with the game, I hadn't collected enough hearts to hire one, so I'm going to assume that's a feature that requires several hours of play.

The game has a decent amount of daily missions, which reward you for streaming and spending a longer time in the game. There's a tab for purchasing power ups and bonuses, which use the heart currency as well. The “Cash Shop” tab is self explanatory as well. Here, you'll spend real world money to get the aforementioned heart currency.

As an auto-play game, all the features and options are there. Unfortunately, Hero TV doesn't lay them out in an easy to digest way. The entirety of the game is contained to one screen, with an absolute onslaught of icons. The main screen has 13 icons on it, not including the tab-specific icons on the bottom portion of the screen. It makes for a visually messy display, and it was a significant reason as to why I couldn't get into the game.

There's a decent amount of content here for those interested. If the developer is able to condense some of the menu options and create a good tutorial, I'm sure Hero TV would be a better experience. After leveling my character to Level 30, I'm still not sure if I'm playing the game properly. Auto-play games rely on rewarding the player; it's what keeps people returning.

Reviewed by Matt

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