Feb 08, 17
Happy & Smile: City of Fighting

Coming Soon! - “Happy & Smile: City of Fighting” is a new genre bending game releasing later this year. Developed by HappyRabbitShow, “Happy & Smile” looks to mix the genres of beat 'em up, card collecting, and rogue-like to create a new experience unlike anything you've played before. There's quite a bit going on within “Happy & Smile”, so let's take a look at exactly how you'll be playing in the months to come.

“Happy & Smile” revolves around the idea of card collecting and optimization. When you play the game, you'll be roaming around as one of the various “Heroes”, all with their own unique powers and skills. You'll fight off rogues in a limited amount of time, advancing into further chapters as the game progresses. Collecting cards allows you to grow your collection, and using these cards is how you attack enemies. Think of it like a mix between the classic arcade title “Double Dragon”, with a sprinkling of strategic deck building. Cards allow you to summon vehicles, teammates, and even other players to help you with your battles. The game can be played without Wifi, allowing you collect cards and battle enemies wherever you may want to.

Although the game starts easy enough, “Happy & Smile” promises to have an increasing level of difficulty that will encourage you to become more strategic over time. As your deck of cards grows and enemies become stronger, you'll have to optimize your deck layout to specific situations. While it's an easy game to learn, it'll most likely be hard to master. Much like other deck building games, a lot of the nuance comes with the composition of said deck. Simply collecting a plethora of cards won't help you; only smart utilization and strategy will lend to success.

The game is cartoonish and bright, with a focus on easy-to-view battlefields with explosive effects. The cast of heroes is comprised of various animals, all looking fierce and ready for battle. It appears that you'll start with Happy the Rabbit, but within time, you'll be able to unlock additional heroes such as a Duck, Ducke, Horse, and more. As I mentioned above, all of the heroes have their own abilities and powers, so it should be fun to play with each unique set of skills.

I'm a pretty big fan of side scrolling beat 'em ups. A lot of my childhood gaming went into beat 'em up classics like the “Streets of Rage” series, as well “TMNT: Turtles in Time” and of course, “Double Dragon”. I'm also a pretty big fan of deck building games, having spent my fair share of time playing “Magic: The Gathering” in college, along with childhood classics like “Pokemon”. If “Happy & Smile” is able to mix these two genres together, they'll have a pretty good base game on their hands. With the addition of rogue-like elements, powering up these heroes over time and making them incredibly strong will hopefully produce a cycle of rewarding gameplay. The game looks to release later this year on both Android and iOS, already receiving a handful of accolades from sites like Newgrounds.com. I look forward to cleaning up the streets and battling some bunnies with “Happy & Smile: City of Fighting” when it releases.

Reviewed by Matt

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