Jul 14, 16
Grand Gin Rummy

Grand Gin Rummy is a new card game that I found to be very interesting right from the start. The overall allure here does remind me of the classic gaming moments from the 20s and that does offer it quite a lot of charm. I like the fact that this game is designed with a stellar attention to detail and the fact that you can play with it as you see fit is interesting as well.

Within Grand Gin Rummy you can see 4 game modes. Thankfully, all of these are just a pleasure to check out and do manage to bring in front an extraordinary value all the time.

The attention to detail is huge and the game does a very good job at making the gameplay moments memorable. The way you play is similar to regular Gin Rummy and obviously I found the game to be pleasant, exciting and a lot of fun.

The immersion factor is there and you will find yourself playing formany hours as you try to reach the best results. There will be moments where you will play all the time trying to reach the best results but as a whole I found Grand Gin Rummy to be very competitive and fun.

There are plenty of people playing so there will be no shortage of potential opponents to play against. The game is immersive in this regard and it does allow you to play online and offline as well.

Grand Gin Rummy has great graphics and that for me was a great benefit. Plus, who can’t love the great result and unique focus offered here? This alone makes the experience funny, interesting and it eliminates the hassle in order to deliver a very good set of results.

I for one loved playing Grand Gin Rummy and I will most definitely come back to it often. The card game atmosphere is great, the gameplay is immersive and since you have multiple game modes as well as a lot of players there will be no shortage of challenges. I do recommend you to check Grand Gin Rummy out!

App Games Score: 9/10

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