Jan 02, 17
Geometry Dash World

Developed by the beloved RobTop, Geometry Dash World is the most recent and newest adventure from the Geometry Dash game series. It comes with new levels packed with a full new set of colorful obstacles that promises not to disappoint the fan base of this series of mobile games.

The game mechanics are as simple as it can be: your character is a block that has to evade a series of obstacles by jumping them using your thumb. Each time you press the screen, your character will jump high enough to evade an obstacle, reach higher ground or pick up an item floating in the air. Using gravity is also a main part of the game because there are also spikes hanging in the ceiling of the caves, which can harm and make you lose.

Regarding mechanics, the game is pretty straightforward: it is the basic concept of a platformer in which you need evade a certain amount of obstacles and enemies to reach the end of the level. Still, it manages to hook you up pretty quickly with its fast-paced levels, colorful design, fun music and in-game token collecting system, which allows you to go the in-game shop to buy upgrades and improve your character. It also has pretty fun levels with bending gravity platforms that add more fun to an already entertaining experience.

Also, the daily reward system allows you to collect more tokens if you keep opening the app every day, which will add a replayability value that really sells well. The tokens and diamonds that you get in both levels and daily rewards can be spent in the in-game shop, which is run by a very funny character that will appear from time to time when you are trying to unlock a new skin for your block character. It is also remarkable the quality of the dialog that this NPC has, which is fun and full of gags that will make you smile every time he appears on the screen.

As always, not everything is as perfect as it looks like. Although it is a great game, if you want to experience every level available, then you will have to buy a full version in your app store, which is now a typical feature in the so-called “freemium” games. Still, with the free version of Geometry Dash World, you still have plenty of levels to have fun with and the price of the full version is around USD$1, which is pretty inexpensive taking into account the amount of work that goes into designing a game like this.

Geometry Dash World is a game that will keep your thumb busy for a while everytime you open it. The design of the game itself is full of details that will make you appreciate every aspect of it: the space-like music with electronic elements that goes perfectly well with the futuristic ambient of the levels, yet still managing to create the sensation of being in an ancient rock cave, the fast paced levels with the attempt counter that will tease you to improve your previous run, the quick and easy learning curve of the level which is guaranteed to maintain you interested, and some other features that make this a very good release and a great option to spend your free time.

Reviewed by Alicia