Nov 15, 16
Fusion Masters

Fusion Masters is a new collectible card game that requires you to collect as many cards as you can and even fuse them in order to get more power. Fusion Masters does a very good job at creating a very interesting, versatile and beautiful world that you can explore as you see fit and within your own merits. What makes the experience so interesting with this game is that you have the ability to create your own team of elemental monsters and you can play with people and AI alike.

The graphics are cute and I particularly like the monster design here. There are dozens of monsters here, so you don’t have to worry about any shortage any time soon. Another thing you will like is the fact that here you will be able to fuse, enhance and train monsters without a problem.

Fusing can be challenging at first since you don’t know how to do it, but the game does a good job at explaining the process. Once you fuse items and create new cards you will be able to boost your advantage as you try to eliminate enemies.

The play style will vary based on those monsters you choose, so it can be quite fun to play the game here, you should just try to give it a shot. Multiplayer is good and I believe that some of the main game play strategies you can use in single player won’t really work in multiplayer all the time.

That’s why the game continually challenges you to test and boost your strategies. It keeps you alert and it can also be a whole bunch of fun. So, you should always consider giving it a shot as the experience is very well worth it. Plus, the game is free of charge and even the in-app purchases are quite affordable. Overall, I believe that Fusion Masters is a solid game and one you will certainly enjoy playing even for the lung haul.

Reviewed by Alexandru

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