Dec 28, 16

“FindingZ” is a refreshing puzzle game developed by Mark Cheng of RESTUD.IO. It's a mixture of tile movement and pair connection. With a good collection of levels and a smart approach to premium currency, “FindingZ” does a good job establishing its concepts and style. It's a pleasantly clean experience, one that fits well with my usual dissection. Let's examine the contents of the game as a whole.

Firstly, I have to commend the variety of options available in the game. For a pretty simplistic visual style, the settings are varied and allow for great customization. The game is mainly based around letters, so it's impressive that the game supports 15+ different ones. From English to Italian, Japanese to Portuguese, your native tongue is most likely included. There's basic music and sound effect toggles, and a few aesthetic changes as well. You can switch color palette as well as letter color, which is a nice touch for those who read black lettering better than white. There's a nice tutorial option which can be toggled on and off, as well as a built in “tips” list which help clear up any confusion.

All of these options, along with level selection and the in-game store are all represented as icons in a row on the bottom of the main screen. It's a simple layout that produces easy navigation. This ease of navigation transfers well into the puzzles.

“FindingZ” starts with a tile set of numerous letters. Each level features a different phrase embedded in the tile. Your task is to connect pairs of letters, causing them to disappear. As you create space on the board, you move columns and rows of letters to create new pairs. After each move, however, you must make a pair. This makes “FindingZ” more a game of strategy and thought than quick reflex and memorization. It might be easily mistaken for a simple “connect the pairs” game, but the restrictions on moving tiles really force observation before action.

As you connect pairs, you're allotted points. Connecting pairs with minimal movement produces combos, allotting you more and more points. If you ever get stuck, there's hints available for purchase with either real cash or premium coins. You get coins as you complete puzzles, so grinding out levels and better scores won't force you to spend money. It's a good alternative to locking content behind a paywall, and I respect the move.

Overall, “FindingZ” is a simple game that is fun to play and feels good to succeed at. It's the kind of game that feels engaging to play, but never tiresome. If you're a fan of slower paced puzzles, brain teasers, or strategy, you'll enjoy “FindingZ”. Regardless of your preference, “FindingZ” is simply an enjoyable game.

Reviewed by Matt