Sep 18, 15
Fact Mountain - U.S. Presidents

I always love a good challenge and if that is about US presidents, then things can be even better. The reality is that games like Fact Mountain - U.S. Presidents are always welcome in the gaming world because they do allow us to combine fun with education unlike never before.

Right from the start I felt that Fact Mountain - U.S. Presidents is a great quiz game because it does have a very clean, professionally designed interface that showcases a great appeal.

I also liked the fact that there are only 3 game modes, all of which are simple and very intuitive so you will surely appreciate the way you play. While the first game mode is self intuitive and it requires you to study the presidents, the real challenge actually comes from the other modes that not only bring you a great way to improve your US president knowledge, but you can even use flashcards in order to do so.

I was very impressed by the great quality provided in this game and the entire experience was well worth it, you can rest assured of that. It’s a great app for kids, because many of them are more interested in online gaming rather than learning something, yet this game manages to combine both ideas into something unique, exciting and fresh.

I have to say that while I knew some of the presidents, I didn’t knew all of them, and this app allowed me to improve my overall knowledge. I am impressed that such an application can do this and I truly recommend it especially if you have kids.

Also, there were no performance issues or bugs while I used this app, instead the application worked amazingly well and browsing all of its content is a sheer delight. I like the fact that each president is presented with a lot of detail, so you can learn quite a lot of stuff about them, about their life and so on.

The developers recommend this app for History Bee, AP and CLEP exams, but also for college courses and a whole bunch of other situations. To be honest, I am very impressed with the entire way that the app is presented and I appreciate the fact that a lot of time and effort went into the creation of such a unique, interesting educational game.

As a whole, Fact Mountain - U.S. Presidents is the perfect app that allows you to learn more about the US presidents and the fact that it has 3 game and learning modes is very impressive. Reliable and professionally designed, this is a great game to check out especially if you have kids, so don’t hesitate and try it out, you will not be disappointed!


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (

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