Aug 15, 17
Elemental Arcade
by App Games Team!

Elemental Arcade is a fast-paced arcade game from developer Elementari Games. Players take control of a piece of Magnesium with the aim of staying on fire for as long as possible. However, it's not quite so simple as there are enemies looking to snuff out the players fire.

There are three game modes in the game which each have their own tutorial. It's always good to see a tutorial in a mobile game and this game certain needs them. The developer has done well to explain the basics of the game and what each gamemode entails through the tutorials. These tutorials are also optional so it's possible for players to skip them if they feel confident enough.

Gameplay in Elemental Arcade is very simple. Players just need to progress along the set path as far as they can. This is done by tilting the device in the direction the player wishes to travel. Moving through the game is pretty simple and the controls work nicely with this style of game however, there is a slight delay when it comes to changing movement direction which can cause frustration further into the game.

Each gamemode in the game uses the same basic mechanics: the player must tilt the device to move in the direction they wish while avoiding enemies. The enemies in the game come in the form of sand which can extinguish the Magnesium's flame. Touching any of these enemies will result in a game over and the player will need to start over from the beginning.

While touching an enemy results in certain death, there are special power-up which help the player and prevents the magnesium from dying.

Collecting water drops is something the player should aim to do since these fuel a magnesium fire. Players need to collect four water drops in order to activate them which fuels the players fire for a few seconds. The period is very short however so players need to use them strategically.

In addition to water drops, there are also magnets which attract all of the sand clouds to a certain point on the map above the path. This clears up the path for the player allowing them to quickly travel without risk of death.

Once the bar at the bottom of the screen has filled up players can also travel at lightspeed for a short period of time. While this sounds great in theory, using this ability is actually very tricky as it's easy to run into an enemy.

As already mentioned, there are three game modes in Elemental Arcade: Run, Gun and Race. Each mode uses the same gameplay but offers a slight twist to make each mode unique. The Gun mode provides the player with a gun which can be used to destroy sand clouds. The other two modes don't provide the player with a weapon however.

Elemental Arcade is a great little mobile game which has plenty of replay value. It's a difficult game to get the hang of but has plenty to offer players who are willing to dedicate some time to the game. Arcade fans should greatly enjoy this game and those looking for a game to play in short bursts should also be able to appreciate it.

Reviewed by Lunawolf

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