May 28, 15
Earn to Die 2

While there are many skill based arcade racing games on Google Play, none of them manages to bring you the sheer epicness that Earn to Die 2 does. What this game provides is an insight into a post apocalyptic world where Earth is filled with zombies and you need to go from one place to another as fast as possible.

The action in Earn to Die 2 is insane, with the game providing you a wide range of interesting and fun game opportunities.

Right from the start you will see that it has a fun story mode, which I like a lot, as well as a score attack mode in which you need to kill as many zombies as possible. I particularly like the fact that there are multiple vehicles to choose from here, and each one of them comes with multiple unlocks, so there is indeed a lot of fun to be had as you explore the wastelands.

The graphics in this game are very good and you do feel like in an apocalyptic world, but the special effects are just awesome, and at the same time everything is presented in a manner that’s as fluid as it can get.

There are plenty of levels to play, and there’s a ton of variety to keep things interesting, so the game is just perfect the way it is.

There are only a few minor things such as the fact that the gas pedal is jamming like crazy and sometimes there are a few bugs here and there.

However, the gameplay experience is solid and you can rest assured that the title brings in a lot of fun which will last, so I do recommend you to check the game out, and you will see how easy it is to lose dozens of minutes or even hours as you try to unlock stuff and acquire the highest score.


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (

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