Oct 15, 16
Defense of Egypt

I like tower defense for many reasons. I believe that they are a lot of fun, they encourage creativity and strategy, not to mention they are the perfect time wasters. Defense of Egypt is a game that manages to encapsulate some of the best tower defense ideas and it manages to provide all of that in a very refined, exciting manner.

The gameplay here is very interesting, I like it a lot as it always makes you stay alert while you enjoy the experience and have fun eliminating enemies. I particularly appreciate the enemy variety that you can find in this game and the fact that you have plenty of unit types that you can eliminate when you want.

You can always shift your tactics and you can opt for multiple spells as you play as well, which I found to be very rewarding within the way the game plays. I also like that they actually have a story as that does tend to add an entirely new layer to the entire experience. It’s exciting, fun and it manages to bring in a lot of amazing value for the entire experience.

The setting was very fun for me, I am drawn by every game with an Ancient Egypt setting and I always wanted to have a good tower defense game that takes place during that era. So, for me, it was the perfect for sure.

I found the enemy types to be nice, varied, albeit a bit repetitive at times. They do a very good job when it comes to keeping them distinct though. Since there’s some new gear to use all the time as well as some good weapons, you will always find yourself trying to explore new possibilities. The game does a nice job at providing you with quests that help flesh out the story and the fact that you can add in some attacks and tools does make the experience very well worth it.

There will be challenges as you play but if you want you can make the game even tougher as they did add multiple difficulty levels. Like always, I believe that this type of experience does manage to bring in front a great gameplay and it just enables you to reach an incredible value in the long run.

For people that love tower defense games, Defense of Egypt can be one of the titles they don’t want to miss. Mechanics are pretty much the same like in other great TD games, but the setting, story, enemies and quests have a unique appeal and that does work very well in the game’s favor. It’s a nice title to play for sure so if you do enjoy this type of games you will have a blast playing Defense of Egypt!

AppGames Score: 8/10