May 28, 15
Deep Space Invaders

Since Space Invaders, numerous games have managed to recreate the amazing appeal of exploring the outer space as you try to complete the challenges that arise. Of course, not all of them succeeded, but with Deep Space Invaders it seems that we are one step closer to obtain those results as fast as possible.

The main idea in Deep Space Invaders is very simple, you will need to explore a vast game world and check out alien establishments, as you try to kill these enemies as fast as possible. You have weapons of mass destruction that you can access at any given time, ship management tools that bring in a whole new experience for the title, as well as a difficulty level that ramps up quite fast.

The experience in Deep Space Invaders is very interesting, you manage to use all your attacks in order to kill the enemies and acquire stars as well as other resources that will help you obtain the best possible experience.
For me, this is one of the best shoot-em-ups I ever played because it manages to bring the stellar experience from older games, while also imbuing it with something new that you will enjoy. The gameplay is nicely designed to bring you a lot of variety, but since you do have leaderboards and achievements, you always feel the need to get better and better which is really nice.

During my game sessions I encountered a few minor issues with scaling, which make me think that the game was designed for tablets instead of other game types, but the experience is quite nice and there’s always something new to do here.

Deep Space Invaders deserves a chance if you want a relaxing mobile game, and you should check it out for sure, this is a very good game!


Reviewed by Alexandru Tanase (

Game Features:

★ Free Android five star app .
★ Explore and drive your interstellar spaceship in a exciting war game .
★ A cool shoot 'em up style game .
★ It is a very addictive and fun space shooter game .
★ The management of the spaceship is very simple .
★ The difficulty increases over time .
★ You have seven different types of weapon .
★ Ten PowerUp and weapons upgrades different .
★ Secondary Weapon of mass destruction .
★ Each enemy has a different strategy for destruction .
★ Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects .
★ A beautiful soundtrack .
★ Google Play Game Services (Achievements & Leaderboards) .
★ It's an indie game I've developed on my own, I hope you enjoy it .

Control buttons:

- Slide your finger on the screen to move the spaceship .
- Secondary weapon button below right (mass destruction) .
- Pause, remaining energy and shield buttons are top of the screen .
- Score is lower left of the screen .

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