Nov 27, 16
Colors on the Brain Puzzle

I like puzzle games and I always enjoy the idea of completing puzzles and having fun. When I first saw Colors on the Brain Puzzle I knew this was the game for me because it enables you to test and improve your left and right brain capabilities.

You get 2 game modes that are focused on your brain and you have to use these the best way you can if you want to acquire the very best results. Included here you can find a whole bunch of unique and fun moments where you can change the word difficulty and play around with it in any way you want. The game does a very good job when it comes to exploring new, unique ways to play all while giving you a lot of fun.

The Frenzy mode was my favorite however as it requires you to be very fast paced in everything you do. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it does provide you with a unique and seamless experience that you do not want to miss. Scoring can be great here but there are always new words so this game mode is very action packed and full of interesting moments for sure.

But maybe the best part about this game is that it really works. It allows you to test your brain and its capabilities, it offers a seamless experience and it’s not afraid to bring you some new challenges as you see fit. Not only is it exciting, it’s impressive and it does help you enjoy the experience all the time. All you have to do is to check it out and you will appreciate the great gameplay and rewarding experience!

Another great feat here is that they localized the game for 17 languages. Basically, you have a very good localization system that works amazingly well and which does wonders for all players. I particularly like the great attention to detail they delivered here and the experience is second to none due to that reason alone.

Graphically, Colors on the Brain Puzzle looks great. It’s visually appealing, it provides you with an enjoyable experience and there’s a lot of fun to be had here. As long as you want to play an exciting, cool and fun game this is the right one for you! I enjoyed it a whole lot and I will be very happy to play it again!

Reviewed by Alexandru