Aug 02, 16

Colorcube is one of those games that really challenge the mind. Its main purpose is to make you complete a cube with various shapes and colors. It has a variety of levels, around 200 of them and all of these are hand crafted which I for one consider to be a massive plus. You will also like the great attention to detail delivered here, it’s comforting, fun and nothing short of impressive to begin with.

The visuals are nice and exciting, with the game doing a very good job at combining the colors and making them feel fresh. It’s nice to see that a game like this is not afraid to bring in front some uncommon colors and the combinations do work nicely to be honest. While playing Colorcube I had a lot of fun and I was amazed with the great attention to detail found here.

Each level brings something new to the table and you can clearly see that they spent a lot of work creating each level and adding in new challenges. It’s quite epic and fun to explore all these extraordinary features and that’s what makes you play Colorcube more and more. The game is a ton of fun and I like the great focus that it delivers on its puzzles.

Speaking of that, the puzzles are immersive and exciting to go through. Some of them are a little difficult, true, but most of the time you will find these to be accessible and quite creative. In a game where creativity is key to success, you are bound to appreciate everything that the game has to offer. It’s interesting to see Colorcube’s approach and I found it to be one of the best in the puzzle game world.

The fun is there, the gameplay is very good and as a whole I am very impressed with the entire experience that you can find here. If you like a good puzzle experience, Colorcube is a solid time investment and you are bound to enjoy it!

App Games Score: 9/10