Jan 20, 17
Color Tile Challenge

Color Tile Challenge is a fast paced arcade game with a few simple aim; all the player needs to do is go through the same wall that matches their color. Naturally, it isn't as simple as it sounds and this endless arcade game demands a lot of skill to do well.

When players first launch the game they are greeted with a home screen before being thrust straight into the game. It takes a few attempts to understand how the game works but there is a more detailed instructions list inside the game. On the death/home screen, there's a small question mark button which opens the instructions list.

It's a shame that finding this list isn't too clear as it contains very useful information. The tutorial style list explains the controls and the basic rules of the game so it would be nice to be given this information at the very start of the game. Playing without finding this can be done but it's a little more frustrating.

Like with other similar games, the player needs to go though walls the same color as their character. This is done by swiping left and left to move in the direction of the correct color; it uses simple controls to match the simple idea of the game but sadly, there are some control issues. The biggest issue with the controls if the delayed response from the character. It takes too long for the game to recognize the move command and by the time the character does move, it's usually too late and it results in a game over. This is quite a big issues for a game like this one where precise timing is the key to success.

The game uses a randomly generated endless course with multiple colors for players to avoid and pass through. Gameplay in Color Tile Challenge is very straight forwards without their being any major changes in the game. It can become very repetitive after a few attempts at the game and the lack of gameplay evolution can make it a little tedious at times.

Despite the issues with repetitive gameplay, new mechanics are introduced during the higher levels of the game. Some of the walls have visible spikes on them that kill the player, even if they're the same color. As the player gets further into the game, the gameplay becomes progressively more difficult and tricky.

For new players, this game will seem very difficult but it does become easier as the player gains more experience. The difficulty level increases at a nice pace which helps to keep the game entertaining and engaging even after several hours of play.

While some mobile games place limits on how many times a player can start a new game, this game has a slightly different gameplay limiter in place. Players are restricted by how many times they can attempt a run through the game before they need to watch a 30 second advertisement video. This is a great system for the game to use and it provides a good number of attempts before it forces the player to watch a video.

Despite the issues that Color Tile Challenge has, it's still a good addition to the arcade genre and players who enjoy fast paced games should feel at home here.

Reviewed by Lunawolf

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